April 2nd, 2011

Becc_j Art

Dear Wise Flist...

Yep.. I'm back again seeking advice on other fandom places to hangout.

I'm not really a Twitter gal and I don't think Tumblr is for me either. So now I'm considering Facebook. I've had no interest in getting a Facebook before now because, to be honest, real life stuff really doesn't interest me so much - except in real life of course. (and that's not to say I don't like hearing about YOUR rl stuff.. it's just I don't really want to follow rl friends to hear what they're up to...)


I'm thinking a fandom Facebook page. Where I might most stuff a bit like on LJ. (vids etc. maybe occasional personal stuff) My thinking is this: the thing I enjoy most about fandom is connecting with other people who are into the same thing. Chatting, sharing creative works etc. But I realise that not everyone is on LJ. In fact I keep being told "I don't do LJ because it's too complicated". Which I agree with. Until you get to know it that is.

So. I'm curious if anyone else does this. Have a fandom named Facebook? I'm pretty keen to keep my RL and fandom life separate - mainly because I would hate for my students to ever find me.

I have a very limited knowledge of Facebook so I don't really know how it works. Though I understand you can create a community as well as a personal page. Ack! I am so internet challenged!


(and um... if I did get a FB is it easy to find like minded peeps?)

Sorry for the lame questions..
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