April 7th, 2011


I've buckled..

I created a Tumblr account. But. WHAT THE HECK DO I DO NOW..?!??! I'm there and... I'm already stuck. Man, I hate being a noobie. Ummm.... perhaps I can follow ppl who already have one? Maybe you could let me know yours? Is that how it works? I'm Ash48 there also. No idea if I'll actually do anything there. But I'm keen to take a look. (this really has come about because LJ has been freaking me out with the DOS attacks). Though it seems to be better in the last couple of days. Thank god! *clings* to my internet home. Stop making me panic darling LJ.

Also...thanks to everyone for their feedback and opinions on Facebook. From that I have decided that it's certainly not for me.

deangirlxoxo sent me this and it's kinda ...um... freaky...

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