April 20th, 2011

Becc_j Art

I'm blogging because...

I CAN! \o/

It's Wednesday morning and I'm on HOLIDAYS! I tell ya...I needed this break. My class this year are a handful. I'm not moaning. At all. I love my job but it's soooo nice to have a break.

So. I have the house to myself. This of course means getting stuck into some vidding that I'm busting to get done. \o/ (in between bouts of housework that is...)

I don't think I've mentioned that I am making a film at school. It's with a select group of children and it's for an international competition. It's extraordinarily exciting. It can only be 5 minutes long and the children have to do everything. Come up with the concept, write the script, shoot it and edit it - with my guidance of course, but essentially it's their project. I thought the hardest thing would be coming up with a concept and script but they've done it and we will be ready to shoot next term. They've chosen graffiti verses urban art as the theme.

I'm on a huge learning curve myself. I made a film when I was in uni but that was a gazzillion years ago. I hope it works out.

While I'm here a HUGE congratulations to Supernatural wiki for winning "Best Franchise Specific Site" at the SFX magazine Blog Awards". It's an incredible achievement. For more information pop over to missyjack's place where deserved celebrations are happening. \o/

Right. Better get to it. :D

Hope you are all having a great morning/afternoon/evening.

ETA: Beware small spoiler for next ep in the comments. Probably something everyone knows by now anyway. :)
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