April 25th, 2011


Mixed Bag....

Happy birthday callme_k! Hope it's a great one sweetie. <33

Also.. Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.:D

Some randomness:

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2. I found community that provides links to stories related to creatures - so, werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters etc. Kinda neat if you suddenly fancy a werewolf fic (which I have of late..*g*).

It's spnnightcrawler. Very neat. I'd be really keen to know of any other comms that categorise fics like this.

3. SUPERNATURAL ANIME!! I've been watching some more episodes and man, I love 'em. Animated Sam and Dean has less personal space issues so there's a lot more bro!touching.

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It's Anzac Day here today. A day for remembering the fallen in past wars - namely in Gallipoli but for all wars really. It's sad that we still have to have wars, but it seems the human race doesn't know how to learn or negotiate peacefully.

Attention hurt!Sam hurt!Jared fic fans...

I'll keep this brief as I have been a bit spammy today (blame the holidays!)

I want to brainstorm some ideas for a hurt!Sam/hurt!Jared fic reccing / archiving community. I know there's some excellent posting comms but I'm wondering if an archive and catagorising community for these types of fics might be useful (?). A bit like this one: this one.

Instead of boring my darling flist with these discussions I want to create a filter for those who are happy to thrash out some ideas with me. Of course, if I don't have any takers (and that's TOTALLY fine!) I will understand that to mean there's no interest in one and it will save me a lot of work...;)


If you're happy to toss around some ideas and maybe even *puppy eyes* help out then let me know:

Poll #1734029 Community discussion filter

Want to be in on the chat?


The comm idea sounds good but I don't want to be in on the chat

that's me!
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