May 25th, 2011

Becc_j Art

Bloggity Blog... really random too..

Colour me shocked. That's all I can say. Happy... but damn surprised.

We started shooting the film I'm making at school. Doing this gives me a much greater appreciation of what it actually takes to put a film together. It's one thing to understand the theory, another to put it into practice. Framing a shot is HARD! (let alone all the planning that has to go into it all before shooting even starts!) But wow... awesome fun. I have to say vid making has really helped. Who says fandom life can't help in RL?! (in's helped me in more ways than I can probably say...*g*). And the kids were amazing. Just took it all in their stride.

I re-watched 6.22. And WOW... even better the second time around. Damn but Show is courageous and awesome. And Jared is tall.

I've just downloaded podfics from readers I don't know. That kinda worries me because the stories look awesome but if I start listening and the reader grates then it's seriously disappointing. But I gotta take the chance. I think really slow readers grate the most. (Damnit, I so shouldn't criticise. I couldn't podfic to save my life. I appreciate that readers go to the trouble in the first place. It's a pretty thankless task I think).

Comm officially opens soon. WOOT!

Non spn vid soon. hmmm.... ack! ...we'll see.... :)

Well, there's a mixed bag of blah blah.... (that's what the inside of my brain looks like most of the day...sheesh...)