May 27th, 2011

Becc_j Art

It's here! \o/

We are excited to announce the opening of spn_littlebro: a Library of story links to hurt!Sam and Hurt!Jared fanfiction. We need to keep our shelves stocked so please stop by and share either a hurt!Sam or Hurt!Jared story you have written or ones that you have loved.

If you'd like to help us spread the news to writers and readers on your flists, we have lots of hurt!Sam and hurt!Jared banners you can use HERE and HERE.

Personal Note:

This community represents the work and thoughts of many people - from brainstorming to actualisation. (and more specifically, cherry619, el1ie and harrigan AMAZING ladies...each one. THANK YOU!)

Our aim is to build a substantial library of story links, so please pop in and link your own or your favourite hurt!Sam or hurt!Jared stories.

We have exciting plans for the future - including a fortnightly newsletter to keep you updated on what's out there and future vid and art links. Our goal is to remain low spam - with updates once a week at the most, so please don't be concerned about us spamming your flist entries. *g*.

PS: Even if you don't want to pimp you gotta take a look at all the banners! Crack much?! (the work of the wonderful el1ie)

WOOT! Can I be excited now?! Pleez...