June 3rd, 2011

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friday night blog

..just 'cause..

So um.. remember this post? Well... It's happening. /o\ Hey! Don't blame me. It's all bythedamned's fault for enabling me. *hugs* her. The good news (for me) is we have teamed together to gather some cold hard data and see what it reveals.

It's not straight forward. The variables are kinda BIG. (oh show! why demons and angels?!) But we've given ourselves "rules". Some guidelines. But yeah... it's in the works. (shutup! I do have a life..in between fandom pursuits.)

Which brings me to asking is there a comm for posting geeky data? Hee... spn_geeksareus. *g* You know what I mean... (there's gotta be considering the amount of facts and figures that fandom produces...)

Topic change...

I gotta say, I am really missing the show.

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Hmm... I should ban Friday night drinking blogs...

ETA: I AM IN LOVE! Jared...my god! though I have to know where this is from. I have the icon..now I need to see the whole thing....please..