June 11th, 2011

Thinky thougts

This is what happens when fangirls get together..

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It's here! The data you've all been waiting for. Errr.... well, I've been waiting for. *g*

A few weeks ago I was musing about actual figures on the amount of females dying v males dying on the show. bythedamned mentioned that she would be interested in this information also so we teamed together to gather the data. We halved the seasons, sat down and started counting.

Sounds easy yeah? Well, not so much. Death is far from simple in the Supernatural 'verse so we set ourselves fairly strict parameters. Guidelines for what to include, what "death" means etc. There's further information about this in the post.

bythedamned analyzed the data and has written fabulous meta to accompany it.

I cannot thank bythedamned enough for her incredible work on this. There's no way this would have happened without her. Thanks for EVERYTHING sweetie. You have been an absolute joy to work with.

And very special thanks to el1ie for coming to the rescue with some gorgeous graphics. We wanted to present our findings as a "package" and Ellie helped make it pretty. *heffa hugs*

We hope you find it interesting. I know I did. *g* We are more than happy to discuss, but please be gentle. We did our best, made quite a few "judgment calls" and really, it was just to satisfy our curiosity and have a bit of fannish fun.

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