June 17th, 2011

I wuv hugs

I wasn't going to whine...

but now I'm just feeling too sorry for myself. *mopes*

I'm sick of being sick. I thought I was over this cold on Wednesday so went back to school and then wham! Full on! Stupid nose.. :(


The upside of being sick is getting to read stuff. Long stuff. So a couple of recs..

Collapse )

I also caught a couple of movies this week. (I know. Should have been in bed, but sitting in the cinema is just as restful... and less boring.)

LOVED Source Code and really liked X-Men. Debating whether to see Super 8 next?

Also... I keep seeing Game of Thrones mentioned on my flist. Yes? No? Should I be checking this out? (I am being needy tonight aren't I?? /o\)

Oh. And I came to an end in the vidding Tourney, (as I suspected I would). But I was pleased to get where I did and the fact that so many awesome vidders bowed out at the same time makes me not feel so bad.

*smish*... luckily a virtual one..