June 24th, 2011

Becc_j Art

The "additional" season...

The one that happened after Kripke's Five Year Plan...

I’ve been wanting to reflect on season six for a while now but I’ve decided instead to just say WHAT SHE SAID!

missyjack has written a brilliant review/overview of season six. She captures the very reasons why I was so excited by the season.

More than anything, it’s the acknowledgment that Show really gave us something special in its overall approach to the season - that being its noir focus. I seriously recommend taking the time to read the review. It highlights all the noir elements and cements for me why Show didn’t rest on its laurels this season. It was gutsy in its choices and clever in its delivery.

Sure, there were things I was disappointed with. Collapse )

I'm going to pinch dotfic's idea and look at my wish list for S6 and see how close Show came to fulfilling it for me. (bold is what I typed back in Sept 2010)

Collapse )

Not bad really, considering many of my wishes were far fetched.

I was going to post wishes for season seven, but I've blabbed enough so I think I will leave that for another day.

Happy? Surprised? Disappointed? Looking back... what did you think?