June 28th, 2011

One more clip

Note to self..

..do not start a vid when you don't have a plan for the ending. /o\ Ack!

That's like a number one vidding rule isn't? Stooopid. And how the hell did I start making a Dean vid? One minute I'm working on my crack vid of doom and next I'm half way through a Dean vid that doesn't have an ending. Jeeze...

Song is gorgeous though. I blame deirdre_c for posting "must vid" songs.

And I've haven't forgotten my Sam vid. I just know that one will be pretty hard and intense so I'm kinda procrastinating. It's gonna happen though. *nods*

Topic change...

HOLY CRAP! Game of Thrones! Jeezeeeeee.... That's. um. WOW. Up to episode six. I have to say I have never (ever) watched a TV show that's had me throwing my hand to my mouth so often. The brutality is quite something else. But I'm loving it (when I'm not covering my face..). Hubby loves it too which is doubly cool because we can fan it together! \o/

Ok. Needed that diversion. Back to vid. Now gotta figure out how to end this thing...