July 7th, 2011

Becc_j Art

fly by rec and pimp..

Insta art rec!

OMG! I just... these works are amazing and gorgeous. They are by lamapan. I can not stop swooning...

Also,a quick pimp for a survey we are doing at spn_littlebro Hard to believe we're over a month old. We have a heap of stories linked already and nearly 300 watchers. We have some very exciting things planned for the future so we're wanting to gauge interest for that.

It's HERE if you have a couple of seconds to fill it out. <3

Oh.... and my daughter left today for Kuala Lumpa (remember I was chatting about her getting into the West Australia Athletics State Team a couple of months back?). Hubby and I decided not to go (for a variety of reasons) so I am a little apprehensive now. I'm sure everything will be ok but she's away for 9 days. *meep* longest time apart ever...

Of course it now means hubby and I can party...;)