July 19th, 2011

Becc_j Art

Dear God... this boy....

*GUH* Sooo much love....

Pic unashamedly snagged from deirdre_c's post here because HOLY HELL!! LOOK AT HIM!! He's positively lickable...and his HAIR! *thud*

I wasn't going to do a birthday post thing but then I saw pics and posts and my heart swelled and then I became a wee bit teary thinking about the sheer JOY this man and my show has given me over the years. He's responsible for soooo much fun and love and... discovering YOU ALL!

Thank you Jared (from the bottom of my heart) and Happy Birthday. <3333333

Check out wendy's Jared's Birthday Love Post... for pics and wonderful real life meeting Jared stories and overall love that this man inspires.
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