July 21st, 2011

Becc_j Art

Pimp...and... ack! talk me down! vid comment meme..

spn_sceneit is calling for Inspiration! The new inspiration post is up so here's the chance to voice your ideas.

Come on! You know you've heard a song or had an idea for a vid so why not leave it in a comment and see if a vidder might pick it up. You never know...


Now. Speaking of inspiration I need you all to TALK ME DOWN because I had this wee little (stupid) idea pop into my wee little (stupid) brain and even though I know this couldn't really work I need someone to confirm it for me. Otherwise it will fester and then somehow, actually happen...

I don't think I've ever seen this (for a damn good reason I suspect...)

But. You know how we have comment fic - people leave prompts and authors go away and write awesome stuff..weeeellll... could it ever happen that we have a comment vid meme. Where peeps leave prompts and vidders go away and make a vid...??

I am aware the problems (and hence stupid idea...) : vids take a long time to make, there aren't that many vidders around who would take on such a challenge etc. BUT! IF we had enough vidders show interest it could possibly, maybe work. (??) I'm pretty sure they'd be enough prompts but would there be the vidders to make them..?! It would be kinda cool to have a some vids around from fan prompts.

So tell me... (vidding flisters especially).....potential? Multi fandom? Vidlets? Or have I just had a glass too many tonight../o\