August 1st, 2011

Becc_j Art

*puppy eyes*

or chocolate. Maybe *hugs* Or perhaps just a heartfelt thanks.

I have come across the most heart thudding piece of con footage and would LOVE LOVE it to be made into a .gif. I keep replaying this section so I figure if it's a gif I can just sit back and stare at it all day. Plus... I can share it with others so they can do that same. *BG* anyone got a wee bit of time to maybe do that? I did teach myself how to make .gifs a while back but now I've forgotten. /o\


So LJ is still a bit screwy eh? *sigh* Just when I (finally!) have a "long entry with pictures" to post. Oh well. I shall have to wait. (It's a bit concerning though isn't it? I hope this isn't something we just have to get used to *extra sigh*).

Also... cat update. We took the cat back to the vet and it was confirmed he has a fractured pelvis. We were told to keep him calm and give him lots of rest (about a week). He was out of it for a few hours and when he can to he ate a little bit of food ran away! He's been gone for 2 days now and just have NO IDEA why he ran or where he is. I just. Makes no sense. :((

That's me done. Thanks if someone can help. *huggles*
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