September 3rd, 2011

Becc_j Art

Bits... and random bobs..

Those on my flist doing the 27 question meme thing... I have requested #7 for a reason. One, I am an educator and two, I have a daughter I need to convince that education is important. I know she is at the wonderful age of 14 where her social life is WAY more important than behaving (and listening!) in class but still. I need words of wisdom. Hence the choice. (parenting is HARD!)

Update on school film: I kinda have to share this because I was a little filled with squee. So. I had HEAPS of trouble burning the film to a DVD. I made the mistake of using the knowledge I have about uploading vids to YT and sending to Wincon to try and do this. It required a new skill set, which I now have. (yay for learning new things..)

But that's not the exciting part. The competition organisers actually called me to say that the DVD I sent wasn't working and they want me to try again (they talked me through it) because "the film is really good and they want it to have the best possible chance in the competition". WOOT!! He said.."If it was crap we wouldn't be asking you to send us a new copy. And congratulations on the work btw". \o/ Of course this doesn't mean anything really because there are 50 films in the comp. but at least it was some positive feedback and we have been shortlisted :D

My love for Jared increased AGAIN after watching the Vancon footage. And Jensen too. In fact, it was wonderful to see such a relaxed Jensen. And you know what?! He totally LOVES Jared. And I mean in a platonic (of course!) friendship, bromance kind of way. At the end of the breakfast footage you should see the way he watches and waits for Jared to come off stage. He TOTALLY has his back. It's like he IS Jared's big brother. I NEED FIC! Jensen watching out for Jared is FACT!

(That last bit seems totally random but Jared vid is now complete. *phew* Will post sometime soon. :) )