September 16th, 2011

Becc_j Art


I wonder if Jared and Jensen ever see manips of themselves. There's some damn hot manips around of them together. I wonder what they think if they see them. *ponders*

My brain is off on a tangent of thoughts tonight.

So. Some ponderings..

Is Jimmy Novak dead? (I really want to know this one. Surely he has to be).

Has John actually ever said "suck it up" to one of his boys. I can't remember. (It's quoted in fic ALL THE TIME).

What happened to Dean's angel handprint (it's gone isn't it?)

Why do fanfic writers give the impala seat belts? (She doesn't have them.... does she?) That really bugs me...

Why isn't it the 23rd yet!?!?! For god's sake!! It's been FOREVER!! I'm over waiting!

(I don't expect these to be answered... they are mostly things I think about sometimes).

Also. I had this plan for a wee excitement vid before show started but I have run out of time. Instead it will be my ultimate recruiter vid (in that it will be about everything I love about this show) so I will wait and do it properly.