September 20th, 2011

Sam with Heron


In preparation for the new season *bounces* I am curious about where my flist lie on my spoil-o-meter.

It's nice to know so I don't accidentally spoil you. Or know that I can chat about spoilers with you if I've seen some. But mostly I'm just a sticky nose. :)

I'd say I'm mostly Level 4. (though at the moment I'm level three - because I'm just ITCHING to see SOMETHING!)

Poll #1779964 Spoiler-o-meter

My level on the spoiler-o-meter

Level 5 - Death to anyone who spoils me! Grrrr
Level 4 - I reeeeally try to avoid them. But I won't kill anyone if one slips by.
Level 3 - I check out some spoilers, but I don't go searching for them.
Level 2 - I'm not bothered if I'm spoiled *shrug*
Level 1 - I love spoilers! *grabby hands*

I am planning to post reactions/reviews again. It's fun and often I feel the need to SQUEE or rant or reflect and just chat and share.

I am also going to be keeping a running tally of deaths. That way, updating the Death Stats at the end of the season will be easier and if I have a question re a death I can ask you all. :)