September 25th, 2011

Thinky thougts

Post 7.01 stuff..

I'm curious.

I guess when someone is squeeing about an ep no one likes to come in and harsh that. I get that. But I'm keen to know, those who didn't like it, what issues did they have with it? Not because I want to make anything of it or fight anyone on it (at all!), I am just curious.

So, if any one has links to less favourable reviews I would loved to be linked. (Or if you want to tell me what you didn't like about it I'm interested).

The reason I ask is because I am somewhat blinkered and not particularly objective when I watch my show. I'm not sure how to separate my passion for the boys from having a critical eye. Not that I feel I need to or even want to. I love loving this show. I don't venture outside of LJ so I have no idea other than what I've read from my flist. Which has mostly been positive.

I admit my curiosity has been piqued by this fabulous meta and supposition by dodger_winslow. Reading this gave me insight into thoughts and ideas for the show that I have never even considered. This isn't at all negative, it basically looks at a direction that Show may take. But it made me realise that people have certain hopes for the Show that may never come to fruition and therefore could leave those fans disappointed (which I'm pretty sure has already happened for many looking at the recent ratings and watching fans on LJ disappear *sad face*).

For me, I'm simply happy to watch the boys on my screen. Sure, I have thinky thoughts about all sort of things connected with it, but I really don't have any hopes that will shatter my love for it if they don't happen (other than Sam and Dean leaving the show...).