October 14th, 2011

Nurse Dean

Fly by, late night post...

Season 7 is rocking my freakin' world at the moment. \o/

I know a teeny bit of 7.4 (just from pics) but other than that...no idea. I am both excited and terrified going into each new ep now in case the bubble of happiness bursts. I'd forgotten what it's like to actually feel good after watching an episode. The last one opened up some awesome thinky thoughts and I've loved discussing them with you all. *smish*

I particularly love these observations by missyjack. Something our show does extremely well is give us food for thought. It raises lots of questions, with no easy answers.

Like... how are Sam and Dean so hot? :)


Catch ya on the flip side. (I must not peek at ep reactions, I must not peek at ep reactions,I must not peek at ep reactions)