October 17th, 2011

Becc_j Art

Just some random blah...

I'm getting excited about our spn_cinema entry. \o/ geckoholic has been sending me updates of her story and I've started to mess around with some ideas for the vid. This is a new thing for me and I LOVE doing new stuff. Ooooh... and the story is AWESOME!

I'm dreadfully jealous reading all the festivids letters. I would love to be taking part but after having to withdraw last year I didn't feel it was a good idea to sign up. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! <3

My CasnDean vid feels like it's (finally) taking shape. Here I was thinking I could just punch out a vid. But it seems I'd rather get it right than be quick. (Well, as "right" as it can be). I don't (can't! *g*) ship Cas/Dean, but after working with the footage I can see why people do. Man... the amount of gooey eyes they give each other...;)

Speaking of jealous. Wincon happened! (ruby_jelly I am expecting ALL the gos!) Man... we need one of those in Australia. I'm sure it would be awesome fun. And I could actually afford to attend one here! (how many fans does it take to make an Auswincon I wonder?).

I'M RUNNING OUT OF PODFICS TO LISTEN TO! Arrrrgh... this is awful. /o\ I surfed audiofic and I have pretty much listened to all I a) want to and b) all I can (as in audiobooks not MP3). I shall go into withdrawal if I don't have someone reading me a story. :(((

Though I have just started listening to one that is J2 and I'm actually really liking that it doesn't feature all the other personalities that usually accompany those fics. I don't mind them (I really can't because most J2 fic has Chad and Tom and Sandy and MIke and Chris and Steve etc. etc. ) but it's refreshing to have some original names and personalities. I think I might have squeed just slightly when Jared's best friend was Missy and not Chad or Sandy. :) It's not a deal breaker having them all in there, it's just so RARE for them not to be (for the stories that are podficced anyway), it just makes a nice change.

I have a HEAP of fics bookmarked to read though. (oh for the time....)

I'm pondering opening up a discussion on porn in fanfic, but I'm just not sure how that will go. I've been having some interesting discussions behind the scenes and it seems that there's some stuff that would be interesting to discuss. But...er...I suspect it would get rather...um... personal, so not sure it's a good idea *head scratch*

In RL (yeah I actually have a RL in between all this) I'm back at work. As much as I love my job and my kids I do love my holidays. Mainly because it means more time for fandom fun. *g*

*hugs* to all.