October 26th, 2011

Sam & Dean

To Supernatural. Verb.


verbsupernaturalled, supernatural-ling

to supernatural

eg: I am supernaturalling at the moment.

      I supernaturalled today.

      I need to supernatural. 


The act of checking one's flist. (See:  friends list, Live Journal).  To look, read, watch, fan made works including:  fanfiction, art, music videos, meta, photographs, twitter feeds and flist updates.

To discuss and dissect, to angst and celebrate, to swoon and drool over the television show Supernatural. 

To scan six and a bit seasons of footage to find the perfect clip to insert into a current fan video. To clip, to insert, to create.

To respond to personal emails pertaining to activities relating to the television show Supernatural. 

To blog.

To escape. To enjoy. To share.

To love.

Add your own if you wish.  Each to theirs *g*  And yeah.  Someone asked me if I was supernaturalling when they saw me on a computer.  Guilty.

Bobby.  Story of my life

What's the story?

I know. Two posts in the space of moments. I've had a craptastic day of craptastic proportions so it seems like a cure or something.

So. Bobby. What's going on? I've had a couple of discussions and I've seen some theories.

I feel a poll is required to settle this once and for all. (well, for the moment anyway...*g*)

Collapse )