November 8th, 2011

Becc_j Art

FLy by art & fic rec.

Oh this...*HEARTS*

Tangled in You by letoist

This is absolute magic. I also adore the sheer size of it. :DDD This was made for spn_cinema. The posting has recently started recently for this challenge. \o/ So exciting. :DD

And THIS! This captures everything I love in hurt!Sam and big brother!Dean:

Big Brother by n4t4ss4

And for those who needed a little something extra after 7.07 (of the gen schmoopy variety) this is a MUST read:

We haven't had an earthquake lately by killabeez. It's perfect! (There's also a fabulous observation in there with regards to Sam. It's now my personal fanon).

For a heap of other recent recs go here.

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