November 15th, 2011

Becc_j Art


MAN! What a day! The kids are freakin' feral. It's battle to get through the day with my sanity intact. I actually banged my head on the white board in frustration today. It was either that or shout SHUT THE FUCK UP! ::koff:: Needless to say, I took a deep breath and reminded myself that I do actually love my job. Most of the time.


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Ack! Far too heavy for a Tuesday night/morning. Ignore me.

Let's look at something more positive.

Check out this post by galwithglasses. She makes some great observations on the colour episode 7.08. I love that sort of stuff. :D

Oh and there's a bottom!Sam/Jared meme happening here.'cause I have a "thing" for that also. And um... well... other stuff too it would seem. \o/