December 3rd, 2011

Becc_j Art

It's Saturday!! \o/

Which means SHOW TODAY!!! *bounces* \o/ Shouts out WOOT!! *Throws in an extra little jig*

I've been loving this season so much I actually MISSED IT not being on last week. I have NO IDEA what we're in for. I'm equal parts excited and nervous (as always with this show) because it's one show I can't second guess. Laughing one minute, crying the next. Whaaa... I think there will be crying.... (I have no aths today so I'll be watching as soon as I can *BG*)

Have you seen the stupendous J2 Message for People's Choice Awards??!!! THESE BOYS!! I CAN'T EVEN! They LOVE US!

To vote go HERE Do we have the numbers to get them over the link for Best Sci-fi and Best TV Drama? God I hope so!! (Yep... I'm one of those fans who would LOVE to see them make it to eight seasons. BRING IT!)

Random... but any thoughts on You Tube's new layout? I don't mind the new look. I assume it can be personalised though? From what I can gather if you change to the new look you lose all your settings, channel comments etc. I'm not sure I could be bothered changing everything.

Also. Vimeo? Yes? No? Someone asked me to post my vids there because some of them are blocked in their country. Does vimeo not block vids like YT? (I do have an account, I just don't use it).

And I'm seriously considering DreamWidth. LJ seems to be suffering those DDoS attacks more frequently. It don't want to move but the constant down time is rather frustrating.

It's December! How the hell did that happen!?
1.5 weeks of school left! \o/ (thank god. What a term /o\)
6 week holiday here I come! (I'm flying to Sydney on Christmas day for a 2 week holiday \o/).