December 5th, 2011

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Why isn't this straight forward?!

I looking for a link to a 2012 Supernatural Calendar. I can't seem to buy one in Aus so where would I order one from? I goggled but I got a gazzillion different options. Is there an "official" calendar? Actually, I know there is. But where do I find one?

Yep... my fam want to know what they can get me for Xmas and that's it! If I ask for SPN stuff they wouldn't even know where to look. Or what I'd like. If I can give them relevant links it would be a start. :)

DOH!! Google "Official" Supernatural Calendar../o\
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The boys dropped their dacks to get us to vote so the least we can do VOTE VOTE!! :D

By my reckoning, if they actually win something we should get more vids. \o/ Also, it would be pretty damn awesome if they DO win - at least Best Sci-Fi. I'd love to see them get Best Drama but there's some pretty strong competition there (I assume. House is the only other show I've seen a little bit of).

Speaking of Supernatural (HA! When do I speak of much else?!)

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