December 19th, 2011

You're my happy place (j2)

2011 Round up

What I Got Up To This Year: (or... Do I Have a Life?!):


vid: No Bravery After the bravery comes the sorrow.
vid: Woo Hoo! Celebrating the return of Supernatural
vid: They Did What?! Reaction to The CW bumping SPN's return ep.
meta: Return to Me with graphics by geckoholic

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Plans for 2012:


I have an idea that I'd like to try for 2012. Something that I want to challenge myself with but also something that would involve other people (you guys!). I'm planning a vid prompt similar to the recent "tell me about a fic I haven't written" prompts. It would be a series of mini-vids (10-15 secs) inspired by vid comments about vids I haven't made. They would be presented in one post (so no spamming) and feature moments from vids you guys might want to see. There will be more about this early next year but at the moment this is one thing I would love to try. (Or am I really, really crazy to attempt this?!)

I'd also like to branch out to other fandoms or films.

I've beta'd a few vids this year and I've really enjoyed that process. It's not easy or straight forward so I'd like to keep that up and hopefully improve the way I view and offer feedback. (I'd also love to open up a vid beta discussion *adds to list*)

Meta: Dean and Sex is being written (follow up to Sam and Sex) so I hope that will be done. And even though writing isn't something I do well I love trying to improve it.

Picspams: I want to get better at picspams, so I hope to play around with that some more.

Yay! Fandom. I kinda love you a lot. <3