January 9th, 2014

Dean facepalm

spoilery stuff…..

I just had a thought (as you do).

I have a feeling the Show sees what Dean did as saving Sam. Purely, just, saving Sam. Many feel (me included - now) that Sam didn't actually need saving (aside from the fact that he did so he didn't die etc etc). He was ready to die so the only reason he was brought back was because Dean couldn't live with him dead. So if this is the case they really won't feel that there is anything to address in the way Dean actually went about saving him. It's just what you do to save your family - they are the boundaries you cross and it doesn't matter because at least you've saved your brother. It's pretty simple really (and therefore solidifies the fact that the manner in which Dean saved Sam won't be addressed because it doesn't actually matter. To them).

(you all knew that already didn't you? I'm just slow it would seem.../o\)

And now for a wee rant.

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