February 7th, 2014

Smish the Flist

check in

Hey lovely peoples. I feel like I'm falling behind and looking at stuff (I see there's a ton of art and fic around) but I am seriously short of time at the moment. My play is in its second week (going really well! We've had some great feedback) and I'm back at work (arghhhhh Year 3! Such a steep (re-learning) curve from teaching Year 7.

The conversation on the last episode has been epic! I'm making my way through all the awesome comments. Once again I thank everyone for being so awesome and respectful of other fans thoughts. It was a pretty divisive episode - I suppose the thing I'm hoping is that at least some people are beginning to see that there are two sides here. Once both sides can be seen it makes things a little easier to accept (maybe?). And even after reading all the stuff I am still feeling positive and excited for this direction. I know in my heart of hearts this isn't the end of their remarkable and amazing love for each other (can't rehash it all here - but it's expressed in much of the replies in the reaction post).

(Just did a small flist tidy. Mostly removing deleted journals, inactive comms etc. If I accidentally removed you (ack!) let me know…)