May 1st, 2014



A couple of flisties mentioned my 9.20 review not appearing on their flist. So it's here if you thought that maybe I didn't have some words of wisdom on this one (which, hee, I don't actually...). Come to think of it, I haven't been receiving notifications of comments either so maybe there's an issue with LJ atm.

Also, I'll be posting a vid later - which is making me a little nervy because with the current state of the boys relationship I'm not sure how willing people are these days to accept the bromance, or the feel-good bro!love the way we used to. It made my heart ache a little making it because, whereas in the past I could happily clip all the cute bro!moments, this time I felt like having to really convince myself that them being together is a good thing (ack! when did that happen?!). Still...I want to at least cling to feelings I had in the past (and hope to get back in the very near future).
Ain't heavy

New vid! Never Always Getting Back Together

For the lovely deirdre_c who donated to fandomaid and got this vid in return. <33


Title: Never Always Getting Back Together
Vidder: ash48
Music by: Taylor Swift (yes, I know! I can't believe it either...)
Length: 2.50m Size: 59mb (mp4)
Beta deirdre_c (yep! She had to beta her own vid!)
Category: Crack, bro!love, feel-good (maybe...depend how you look at it I suppose)
Summary: Sam and Dean are never always getting back together. Like. Of course.

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