May 31st, 2014

Jared Dancing

Jared gifs

I made some smiley, dorky Jared gifs from the JiB con. Just cause he makes me happy. :)

Jared-JIB-faces4 Jared-JIB-smile2
Jared-JIB-smiles3 JP-smiles-JIB


I don't usually watch the con footage (because it often makes me squirm), but I listened to some from Jensen's panel and I was impressed with how generous he was with his answers - and how thoughtful he his. They both give great answers even though they don't know the future for their characters. They must also hear the same question over and over and they still seem to answer it as though it was the first time. I love the answers in this Jensen panel about him getting "out" of character. He also mentions Jared a lot. I find that kind of sweet. :)