June 1st, 2014

Dean Don't make me lick your face


Did you see...

This fun idea to help celebrate the 200th episode! Do EEEEET! :D


secretlytodream's awesome S9 vid, We Promised the World We'd Tame It. It's a great way to see the S9 brothers' stories condensed and it highlights the mirroring in their journeys over the season.


this interview from the editors in the Fan Phenomena book (little chuffed to be quoted by the interviewer. I get a little bit O_O when I think someone actually read what I said).

there's also

some great fic being posted at spn_meanttobe (yay happy endings!) and spn_cinema (I ADORE this challenge!) and check out the J2/Wincest JiBCon Comment Meme (so much to be written from that con!) *g*