June 28th, 2014

Sam with Heron


Ok guys. I seriously need some intervention. I NEED to see and understand Dean's side of the story in S9. I need to start feeling sorry for him like so many others seem to. I actually mean this. By the end of S9 I was so god damn pissed off with him I can't even find it in my heart to feel bad that he's "become the very thing he hunts". He HAS become the very thing he hunts and not just because he's a demon now. He's been heading toward this for a while. It's actually one part of the S9 story telling that makes a lot of sense to me. He's slowly been blurring those lines and the consequence is what we are seeing now. I know we can feel sympathy for what they are doing to their characters the fact that Dean's actions have lead him here, but I am still struggling (so much!) with why people are still blaming Sam for what's happening to him.

So what the am I missing? (I promise I will listen if you can shed some light).

(this is actually effecting how I am feeling about the show atm and how I react to gifs (etc) that are highlight how bad things are for Dean. I need to stop thinking "but he deserves it!" and start feeling sorry for him. And stop reacting to things being said against Sam.../o\. I just wish I could understand why people are still so hard on Sam. All he did was tell some truths - in ONE episode).