July 7th, 2014



I suppose I shouldn't moan about vidding because I am extremely fortunate to have an amazing computer to work on (a new 27-inch iMac) and all the latest Adobe programs at my fingertips. Having all the new wiz-bang shiny programs made me decide to change editing programs - from Final Cut Express to Premiere Pro. I lost some of my FCE add-ons when we changed over so it seems like a good time. Also, they are not updating FCE so another reason to change over.

Only, learning a new program is killing me! I did two days of watching tutorials and reading ALL the stuff. I then started playing with footage and discovered some frustrating glitches. Simple things like it not playing the footage in the timeline or in the source window (which we ended up fixing by discovering some little thing we had to "click" to make it work *headdesk*) and now I can't drop footage that has audio onto the timeline at all. The sound goes over ok but it refuses to put the actual footage on. It's the clips I need! Clips without sound are fine.

This is even before I do ANYTHING else! Plus it's soooo slow. I see is the whirly colour wheel every time I want it to do something. There is no way it should be doing that.

So, it looks like I'll have to go back to Final Cut Express. Which is fine I suppose, but I loved some of the things you could do in PP. I'm also itching to play in After Effects.

Hubby seems to think this latest version of PP has bugs, so maybe there'll be fix in the next version. We've on the Creative Cloud so updates should be quick. I hope.

If there's anyone on my flist who uses Premiere and have some words of wisdom I'm all ears.

I'm off to Sydney on Wednesday (yay!). Family catch up. I'll still be online, but I won't have regular access to my emails. Best way to contact me is via LJ PM.
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