July 13th, 2014

Sam with Heron

lovin' the LJ and fandom resurgence....

Calling all fandom! To celebrate the SPN Fandom Day of Love, we are hosting a FANDOM LOVE MEME!


Think about what makes your Supernatural heart tick, and put those reasons out in the open. Let loose, express your love and your glee and your secret SPN-related delights. This means both canon and fandom.

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For me...

I love the way fans share STUFF so we can all happy and come together as a community to celebrate a show we love. Even if we can't agree about certain story lines or ships or characters we can appreciate the work others do and come together to celebrate that.

I love that fans help fans when they are in need. I love that a site like SuperWiki exists and when it needed funds recently we raised DOUBLE the amount that was being asked in such a short time. I love that people will connect on the specific things they love in the show (be it Sam, Dean, Cas, bros, Team Free Will, porn, tentacles...) and share that love in that corner, while embracing other stuff as well.

I love the god damn PASSION we communicate with when discussing the show. I love how these characters are so REAL that we defend them as they would be personally hurt if they heard you SAYING THAT about them.

I love that people can write fix it fics when canon isn't doing what you want and can DRAW and create the most amazing works to make you fantasise, imagine, drool, die, admire and just revel in everything you love about the show.

I love that fandoms are created within the fandom (yes I'm talking about rlbivob !).

I love that my flist are the most AMAZING group of people who are talented and warm and take the time to engage with me.

I love how fandom makes me feel part of something that feels important - something that's passionate and relevant. I love how it heals me when I'm feeling down, keeps me company when I'm feeling lonely and makes me laugh when I need picking up.

I love that it's a family and that our Show represents all the things that fandom is about is about (for me).