July 17th, 2014

Smish the Flist

*sings*...Love, love me do

You know I love you...

I feel bad that I did have a chance to participate in the awesome love meme. Truth is, this is the first time I've been able to actually sit down at the computer (for any length of time) and I am truly overwhelmed with how many people I'd like to leave love comments to. Which is ALL OF YOU! But I know I just won't have the time.../o\ I know it's a cop out, and I'm really sorry. But please know that you all mean so much to me. From those who lurk to those who take the time to engage with me often. I appreciate the talent, the passion, the intelligence and the love that all of you share. Thank you. <33

I am now back from my family escapade. It was full of drama, but I seem to have survived unscathed. In fact, I had a wonderful time. I have missed fandom though - especially when there's been so much going on! I hope to be around again soon (I wanna chat about those spoilers! ;D)