August 19th, 2014

Kevin Tran

New vid! Road to Absolution

For caffienekitty who donated to fandomaid and got this vid in return. :D She requested a vid to this song. I'm sure it's probably not quite what she imagined when listening to it but after some discussions she said she was happy for me to do whatever I thought would work. So Kevin it is! Hope you like it.

Title: Road to Absolution
Vidder: ash48
Music by: Billy Talent
Length: 1.24 min Size: 28mb (mp4)
Beta counteragent (and part collaborator)
Category: Kevin character study
Summary: "It's a lonely road to absolution, we must walk alone."
Warnings: This is not a happy Kevin vid. The boys aren't let off the hook. Also a moment of torture.

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