August 23rd, 2014

Dean Don't make me lick your face

Classic SPN

I'm needing something to cheer me up and this might do it.

I've been thinking about an idea I have for a vid for the 200th episode (or, idk, just a celebration of some sort) and I've been listing all those "classic" spn moments. "Saving people, hunting things, the family business", that kind of thing. I started doing some searching for ones I may have forgotten and then figured that YOU guys may be my best resource for recalling those quintessential, classic SPN moments. Not just dialogue, but visuals or memorable scenes. And not just Sam and Dean. I'd like to include a range of fave OCs too.

Some recent moments would be good too (though, I know that's harder because it's the passing of time that tends to make something a "classic"). For me I think "Don't make me lick your face" will end up being a classic for me. And probably even "I'm proud of us".

Anyway, even if I don't end up making the vid remembering all the classic spn moments (or anticipating what will become classic spn) will be worth it. :)