September 4th, 2014

Jared blah blah hair

Fly by check in...

I constantly have this urge to bury myself in all things fannish, but time and life just doesn't seem to want to play ball. Boo. :(

Aaaanyway. I am working on the answers to this meme. Thank you! I always love taking about vidding. :) (just wish I had time to actually DO it!)

Jensen on Twitter is filling my fannish heart with glee. Who would have thought?! I love this bts tweet. Be still my goddamn heart!! (perhaps spoilerish to mega mega spoilerphobes)

Also, check out this gorgeous art by becc_j Fire and Gold. Painted in a day! This is part of the awesome artpaperscissor challenge. <3

And while I'm swinging by I have to rec to new shows I am watching that I LOVE! The Leftovers and The Strain (warning, that graphic is rather graphic). Neither are really for the squeamish (especially The Strain), but I love that they both take well worn tropes and weave them into something new-ish. The Leftovers is all sorts of confusing - but damn intriguing, and The Strain is just good old fashioned schlock horror that I am a sucker for. I also love a good twist on an old fashioned monster. On paper The Leftovers isn't something that I would normally tune into, but the writing is fantastic (to me anyway) and explores elements of human nature that ring so true. And it treats viewers with respect - not using dramatic scores to "tell" us when we need to be feeling something. The Strain is the opposite end of the spectrum and totally tells us when we need to be feeling something - but it still manages to subvert our expectations to great effect. I am also on the edge of my seat when watching both of these shows.

I'm still catching up on both shows - so no spoilers if you're up to date!

And Teen Wolf, a show that is confusing (but not in a good way) is just so ridiculous I think I might be getting to the end of my patience with it. I still have the last episode to watch (4.11) but I'm feeling less inclined to do so after the non-sensical last episode. I just need Dylan O'Brien to leave so I have NO reason to keep watching (sorry TW fans, but wow - what the hell is that show?!?).

*hugs* to all.Hope you are hanging in there. This seems like a dreadfully long hiatus. I am both excited and full of some sort of despair for S10. I need it to happen so I can at least know!