September 18th, 2014

You're my happy place (j2)

J2 - creating their own fanfic!

I know these pics are everywhere (as they should be!) but I had to have my own copy here.

The thing I love is how beautifully they created this mini story. There's been quite a bit of thought put into these companion pics and I love that they seem to know fandom well enough to know how to tease us with it. First Jensen's tweet - (and seriously…including "humpday" "lonely" and "Jared" in the same tweet?! *ded*), followed by Jared's with him adding "my ass" to the mix. Totally playing us - but with so much love.

The geek in me adores the comparison between the image that can be created for the screen (lonely Jensen) and the reality of behind the scenes (all that equipment!). Another "love letter" to fans perhaps? I have a feeling there'll be more to come, leading up to the season opener. ;)

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