October 24th, 2014

Abaddon - delicious


I really have the urge to read fic where Sam returns with Dean's food, he gets drunk and then we get ALL the feels between the two of them. We're unlikely to get that in the show (especially the wincest-y version I imagine), so I think I need to read it! (if anyone has any recs OR wants to write one *hint* I'm just here waiting).

While I'm here I'd like to rec this great vid by emerging vidder justmep2: Does That Make Me Crazy. This is only her 7th vid and she's done a wonderful job. This is about Demon!Dean - I love the way she's tied in relevant moments from Dean's past ago highlight the demon story. The editing is snappy and the song is great for d!dean. Check it out!

I'd also like to rec this tumblr post. I wouldn't normally do this but I think this highlights just how passionate SPN fans are. Even though this is probably WAY off course (not least because there's no way the writers would have even considered John's blood type), I think just the fact that it's caused a stir and got people talking and thinking is fun enough. It's a shame some peeps have been rude about it (come on! it's just a theory!) - but that just seems the way it goes these days. Sadly.

If fact, I've seen a few interesting things about S10 floating around. The biggest discussion point seems to be Collapse )