November 6th, 2014

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I Need a Hero: Missing Dean Winchester

As there is no episode this week I thought I'd post some thinky of one of my all time favourite TV characters - Dean Winchester.

I was replying to a comment on my last reaction post and I typed (about Dean) "He was once a hero to me, I just don't see that Dean any more. Sadly".

It really made me stop and consider what that actually meant. How could Dean not be a hero to me anymore? He's always held that place in my heart. My LJ profile has forever stated "I'm a Sam!girl, but not without my hero Dean".

What changed? When did I stop seeing a hero? I decided to write this down to make some sense of it.

This isn't about Dean "bashing" (seriously? How could I ever "bash" a character who has been dear to my heart since the show began?). This isn't about loving one brother over the other, or thinking one is in any way better than the other. At all!

This is actually about trying to piece together Dean's journey and find out when he went from being my hero to someone I don't recognise that quality in any more.

Before I start I will say that I fully understand that Dean's heroism isn't why everybody loves Dean. We all have different aspects of a character that we love. For me, his heroism is an aspect of his character that I have always loved and admired and the thing that I find I am really missing now.

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