November 7th, 2014

Sam with Heron

It's time to meme it!


1. Sam (though really SamnDean)
2. Zachariah
3. Alistair
4. Ties: Zach, Lucifer, Alistair and Uriel (curious how my fave "evils" and angels. Something screwy there me thinks. Cool tho).
5. S1/S2
6. What is and What Should Never Be (still!). Though Mystery Spot and the Xmas one is RIGHT UP THERE! (damn you Carver!). Oh and In My Time of Dying (actually I think THAT one might be my all time fave).
7. Cas/Hannah (they are too a thing). Sam/Cara (Sex and Violence). Though really there's only Sam/Dean.
8. LUCIFER! (did Michael ever really feature?)
9. Metatron
10. Kim Rhodes
11. So many. Too many. Off the top of my head: Dean: "Well, we know a little about a lot of things. Just enough to make us dangerous".
It remembers me!


Hey guys.

Can anyone think of con footage (or maybe even gag reel?) where some says "freaks" - as in "you're all freaks" or anything like that. I there's a line in the show (something where Sam says something about being a freak and Dean says "i'm right with you"?). Any audio with "freak" in it would be good.

Cheers! :)