November 10th, 2014

Unicorn rainbutt

In preparation for the 200th episode! (help!)

I wanted to have a vid to celebrate the 200th ep but it was looking pretty awful so I've ditched it. Instead I'm going to totally piggy back off of kalliel's idea and create a love list.


I'm not quite as clever with the google docs as she is so if any one would like to make some suggestions here and I'll add them to the list below. Feel free to suggest one thing or many (or I will try to fill in all 200 spots by the 200th..;D).

I'll start off with 20 reasons...

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Your turn!

(I've only listed actual things about the show to love but I'd also add, more personal, being able to have discussions like this, this and this. I have the most wonderful and fair f'list and it's meant being able to discuss the show - warts and all, and still remain friends. <333