January 11th, 2015

Sam with Heron

Insta art rec

*waves* hello lovely people. I hope you are all having a good start to the new year.

I came across this gorgeous drawing of Sam on twitter today and felt compelled to share it.

Sam drawing

I adore this rugged, world weary Sam who looks like he's still fighting. My imagination gets swept away looking this (and ok, it doesn't hurt that his hair is awesome! *g*)

It's by Alice Mars Manns. Her original twitter post is HERE. - go give her some love if you like it as much as I do!

ETA: Alice doesn't have LJ but is seeing the comments. She's says thanks!

In other news, it's wonderful to see the spn_reversebang works being posted. I haven't had the chance to check many out but this one caught my eye recently: Twenty-Three Double X by necrora. It's atmospheric and beautifully dark. I really liked it. I feel like I have more time up my sleeves this week so will hopefully be able to check out more posts (yay!). Who would have thought the holidays could be so busy!

I've been working on my sammybigbang (yay! still excited that Sammy has his own bang!) vid. My lovely author gave it the thumbs up so that was cool. *g*

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