January 17th, 2015

Purgatory curious!face Dean

*head scratch*

I really don't know what to make of this. I found out today (via a heads up from a flistie <3) that a person that I have been following (though not intently) is not only a fake but a serial LJ plagiarist and sock. It weirds be out because if this is true this person had created a very elaborate back story of his life. The person is micamonroe and it seems that some of you are already aware of this person - and the allegations that he's stolen stories and art.

I read a story of his (maybe his?) quite a few years ago. It was interesting to me because he claimed it was based on his own life experience. And I believed him.

But it seems it's all false. Well, according to this post (and the many links providing evidence).

His death was announced in a post recently (there's no point me linking it as it's friends locked) and of course many left condolences. He's also claimed to have been abused and has even been in a coma.

I have no idea what's truth or not. It's pretty damn sad if it's all been fake because - holy crap! Why?!!? Just to gather comments and gain sympathy? How sad a person must you been to create such an elaborate "other" life. His stories get A LOT of comments. I'm not sure how I missed the news that he's not who he claims to be.

Anyway. I'm not losing sleep over it. It's just freaking weird.
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Supernatural's Significant Sandwiches - gifspam & meta


It seems the simple sandwich plays quite a significant role in Supernatural. We already know how important food is to Dean - we know he loves pie and burgers (extra onion), and we know Sam loves his salads, but sandwiches also feature rather a lot. I thought I'd gather together all the moments sandwiches are used and take a light hearted look at their significance (gif heavy).

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Done! Now wipe your mouth Dean...

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