January 20th, 2015


S10 popularity round up...

Fave episodes eps so far from S10 - according to my episode polls:

In honour of the hiatus coming to an end I thought I'd list the episodes in order of popularity - according to the episode reaction polls:

I'd worked this out (very scientifically!) by adding the percentages of the "awesome" and the "pretty good" options. It's not perfectly accurate (because some voted more than once), but I think it gives a pretty good snap shot of how the episodes were reacted to at the time. The number at the end is how many participated in the poll.

Behind a cut for spoilery summaries.

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I am going into the second half with absolutely no hopes or expectations. It will be just what it is. I've pretty much lost hope that everything will all connect in some way by the end (including all the unresolved stuff from S8 and S9) so I'll just enjoy the ones that are good (and well written and/or entertaining) and the ones I don't like I'll try not to angst over too much. I'll TRY (can't promise there won't be ranting or tears though…)