March 1st, 2015

Sam with Heron


I'm slowly catching up on my flist's work... (damn slowly! /o\)

Some recs:

If you haven't seen this amazing graphic art by chomaisky you MUST check it out. It's NSFW so be warned... but damn! It's glorious. I ADORE the style and soulless!Sam and reluctantly tempted Dean is absolutely wonderful.

quickreaver has posted some more thinky thoughts on Sam and highlights something great points in the storytelling.

And now I have the urge for someone to post some Dean thinky! We're seeing Dean's story deliciously unfolding. I know Dean fen are happy (I think!), and I'd love to know what the thought are on that. Dean is fighting his inner demons (and the one forced upon him) and I'd love to know if this is fulfilling hopes and expectations for Dean's story.

In other news. I've been making a happy J2/SamnDean vid (Jam and Jean I've been informed *g*) and whilst making said vid I got distracted by Jensen and his damn hula hooping antics at the last con. So I started another *mini* vid and I think it's the weirdest, crackiest vid I've ever made. Even I'm thinking "I'd like some of what she's on!". That said, I'm know I'm going to need someone to look at it and question the planet I'm on. If you think you're up for it, let me know! It will probably fulfil one of my experimental bingo prompts I thinking...
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