March 5th, 2015

J2 is Love kiss


The boys are coming to Australia! \o/

Arck! I am ridiculously excited but also massively torn. I live in Perth so I'll have to fly to Sydney to attend. Luckily most of my family live there so seeing them again (I've already booked to go in April to celebrate my daughter's 18th and to see my new niece) will be an added bonus. But, dammit. The money. It's not that we don't have it (exactly), it's more about spending it on a luxury when there are so many more things I could (should!) be spending it on. My hubby has supported my fandom life for the last 10 years (with some ups and downs), but this one is gonna push it (The eye rolling is off the scale!). We're in the process of opening a small bar, so spending $800 to see a couple of (gorgeous!) TV stars…


(I seriously need to adopt the "what the hell, it's just money!" attitude…;D)