May 19th, 2015


Stuffity stuff...

Remember how I didn't write a review/reaction for 10.22 and said the comments would work as one? Well, I'm pleased to say they did! The comments from everyone are very interesting and thoughtful and the discussion pretty much covers much of what I would have written.

Some interesting points raised were - why Cas held back when Dean was beating him up, whether Dean was Dean when he said those horrible things to Sam, why Sam was "stupid" thinking he could kill Crowley with something from Rowena, and whether the Winchesters are likeable anymore. So yeah, check the thread out if you're interested in the variety of thoughts on the episode. And it's very mixed - positive, negative, constructive, hopeful and despairing. But never rude or inconsiderate.

The Love Meme is one of the nicest things to happen in fandom recently. I can't express my gratitude and love for the comments left. Thank you! <3 They have re-invigorated my enjoyment of the show and fandom. I've been feeling worried about being honest about the show (especially when being critical), so it's been nice getting feedback that some of you actually don't mind that. I seriously hope to leave love to you all. It might be a little slow now, as I am getting ready to leave for the the convention is Sydney! \o/ But, my plan is to get over there and leave some more love for you all. *hugs*

I am very excited about the up coming convention. I am very sad and disappointed that I won't be able to meet the lovely Jared (though of course I totally appreciate why he pulled out and am so glad he is looking after himself), but I am thrilled to be meeting other fans and of course Jensen, Osric, Mark, Mat and Richard. :D

Lastly, good luck with the finale! If it's true to form it's bound to be a heartbreaker. Personally, I think I will burst into tears just seeing Jared after everything that's happened this week. I would love to be able to watch it with someone, but I will be on the Central Coast of NSW when it airs.

*clings* to you all. Catch you on the flip side! *meep*